108 Tri-Star

KNoxville, Tn

6616 Deane Hill Dr


PLAYER Reviews

matt champion
Eugene and the team at 108 not only enhanced my baseball skills but also contributed significantly to my personal growth. Their mentorship taught me invaluable lessons in teamwork, sportsmanship, and building lasting relationships through competition. The competitive spirit at 108 Performance is unparalleled and encouraged me, as a young athlete, to approach the game with an open mind, focusing on innovation rather than rigid rules. I credit the guidance and support from the 108 team for positioning me where I am today.

matthew champion - Oregon Commit 

108 really helped broaden my horizons of who I was as a hitter and what positions I needed to be in to optimize my success. Eugene and Nate were able to explain the ‘feel vs. real’ aspect of adjustments and made it easy to understand! Thank you to the whole 108 crew!

Samuel Benjamin - houston christian university

The 108 guys are awesome. As a veteran of professional baseball for 14 years I developed some bad habitats. Will and Eugene realized I had some mechanical flaws and gave me drills to help me fix them. Overall they have made me enjoy baseball and the art of pitching again which sometimes pitchers forget is important when they are at the top level.

Marc Rzepczynski - MLB Pitcher Toronto Blue Jays 

108 helped me to understand what I was doing on the mound and how I could improve. Through their vast knowledge and experience of not only an efficient delivery but how to train through physical and mental cues they helped to get my arm feeling like a kid again. At the same time I was improving the overall stuff of every pitch in my repertoire. Thanks 108!

trevor cahill - MLB Pitcher san francisco giants

The superior WAY TO TRAIN